About me

Doctor Who, Science-Fiction & Fantasy

I’ve been a fan of science-fiction, the old classic comic book heroes, and to some level fantasy  for many decades..  Big fan of TV shows like   Doctor Who, Blakes-7, Six Million Dollar Man, Incredible Hulk, Knight Rider, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Start Trek  from the time I was a small boy..  And have grown up reading old comics like  Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, The Phantom (Ghost who walks), Tarzan, Rip Kirby (Detective) – great childhood heroes.   And since I got to England (age of 15+) I’ve also become a fan of Modesty Blaise (comic strips and all the novels).
In 2013-2014,  I started creating a Doctor Who Fan production series – under the name of Doctor Who Imaginarium fan productions’   but in our youtube channel it was always bringing up links to The Imaginarium of DrPanasus…so we rebranded it last year and now call it  `Doctor Who London’  (has a blog, youtube channel, a facebook page, even a monthly social meet-up in central London).
We filmed and uploaded our series#1 back in 2015, and started filming series#2 stories as of Summer/Autumn of 2016.  (work in progress).
You can see trailers for those at the bottom of this blog.

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